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"Fox News reports that both BLM and KKK protesters came off the same bus in Charlottesville…" –Source

At first when I heard this I was a bit apprehensive to post it seeing how the conspiracy theorists are presently coming out of the woodwork; and rightly so since politicians from both sides of the isle are doing things illegally to try and push their own agenda, and the people are caught in the crossfire. But then I came across this video of a man, who most assuredly could be described as someone who could rightly have a dog in this fight, exposing it all as a hoax. Better yet, at the end of this very short video you hear Fox News talking about it as well.

In short..

The American people are once again being set up by the powers that be, and especially those in the media. And no I am not saying we should or even could do something about it, other than praying for you and your loved ones to be prepared. And be prepared for what? It's obvious is it not? Literally scores of nations are reporting on riots within their borders and many those riots are legit, unlike the fabricated ones we have seen here in the USA since the WTO meetings of the 1990's in NYC. But as we know Rome has a full plate regarding duties they must perform for their dying god so as to get ready for his appearing. As is obvious, they are not planning on letting him down.

The mark is about to be enforced and this is why we see what we see. Besides the thousands of pro-Sunday Law videos and articles I have listed on the site for many years, we see all sorts of evidence they are baiting the people to move them into a frenzy of anger to the point of killing their fellowman simply because their skin has a different shade then their neighbor. And after a few decades of this long term race baiting as we have seen especially apparent in the USA since the 1950's, the hatred for each other is off the chart. Compile that with the violent sports, video games, movies and music and you have a perfect storm of human emotions getting ready to boil over.

To what end?

Have you ever heard the prophesied term "Armageddon?" Soon Satan will stand on earth next to his loving Pope claiming to be Jesus Christ who then declares all Sabbath keeping Christians are the main reason for all the problems in the world from riots to the already off the chart natural (and man-made) disasters. And since most alive today are trusting lies over and above the truth in God's Word; (which prophesied all this in amazing detail) one more lie will be just as easy to believe as the past million or so lies. But now that the long prophesied increased disasters are threatening their lives and financial status, and the violent sports, video games, movies and music have caused all of their blood to boil over in anger, how difficult will it be for the Pope and his dying god to convince the sheeple to target all of the peaceful God fearing obedient people of God that they claim are the cause if all this?

Yes, it will be a bit intense in the coming days, and yes some obedient Christians will be martyred. But as Jesus stated long ago in Matthew 10:28 we should "fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

All of it was prophesied brothers and sisters, and according to 1Corinthians 10:13, if you are an obedient Bible believing Christian who knows about the power behind the promises of your God, then none of what they threaten to do against you and your loved ones can ever be able to move you off the path that leads to New Jerusalem! Because by the time that day comes, which isn't too far off now, if you stay in the Word and in prayer you will have a faith and courage then none of those sent by Rome that stand against you can phantom. And yes, this is why I keep saying read your Bibles each and every day and pray! For without the faith that comes from hearing the Word of God, (Romans 10:17) you will not have the power to stand firm in Jesus. And so, remain obedient. Your King is coming! Maranatha!

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VIDEO: Trump to lift military gear ban for local police

"The Trump administration will unveil a new plan Monday to roll back limits on a controversial program that provides local law enforcement agencies with surplus military gear, marking the end of a policy implemented during the Obama administration. President Barack Obama issued an executive order in 2015 prohibiting the transfer of a host of equipment, including armored vehicles, grenade launchers, high-caliber weapons and camouflage uniforms following controversy over the "militarization" of the police response to unrest in Ferguson, Missouri." –Source

First and foremost, CNN is once again lying here. An Executive Order is not permanent law by any means. The fact Trump has erased a few of Obama's EO's proves this hands down. The only reason Obama signed the EO was to play a political card to make himself look good knowing the next president could remove it, yet the MRAPS, (I have a few videos on that here) still kept flowing into local community police stations as a gift from the United States Government, (second beast of Revelation) so as to have the tools needed to not only enforce martial law, but to create a police State and eventually a Socialist society just as the man of sin in Rome (the first beast of Revelation) was planning to do all along so as to herald the enforcement of the mark of that very same beast in the USA first.

And one more thing. The timing of Obama's EO was suspect in that he should have done it day one the MRAPS rolled out. But no, he waited until the cities that needed them got their gift from the US military free of charge and so signing the EO then was confirmed a political ploy since the MRAPS were already delivered.

Trump is no more to be trusted than any other billionaire or politician that has had to have their meetings with the man of sin in Rome in the last few years so as to assure they stay on the same page as he is so as to keep their money and their power. In fact, have you seen this article that just came out titled, "Congress Quietly Passed A Bill Allowing Warrantless Searches of Homes – Only 1% Opposed It." If Trump was really all about being there for the people and not one in bed with Roman power, then why the secret passage of laws to allow the police who are now dressed and armed just as much as any modern day military soldier the free access to our homes without a warrant further confirming the US government is openly ignoring the founding father's Constitution again. This time they are breaking amendment #4 about unlawful search and seizure. Now do you see why they're tearing down the statues of our nation's historic leaders be they confederates or not? As evil as some of those men may have been, we would not be where we are today thanks to moral men that stood against them. This is also why they keep slamming the framers of the Constitution so as to make them and the ideals set forth in the Constitution appear racist and hateful. It was prophesied the Constitution would be rewritten so as to ready the people for the mark of the beast and so look around. Every sign to that end is very apparent now.

What Trump is doing regarding allowing the police to dress up like Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler's men did in their day is just par for the course we find ourselves on prophetically. But I must say that as a Christian my heart is so blessed with perfect peace in all this. Isn't it great that we knew it was all prophesied to happen this way? Just knowing that makes the peace promised by Jesus Christ that much more powerful. Truth is, if we didn't know about this in advance it would be one scary situation indeed. And yes, that is why the lukewarm Christians and all the other false religions have mountains of fear to deal with. In fact, that too was prophesied for it was stated in Luke 21:25-26, "And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;  Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken."

As Bible believing Christians we know for a fact brothers and sisters that our God is still in 100% control of the whole thing and not only will His people be blessed and protected through it all wherein not even a plague will come nigh thy dwelling; (See Psalm 91:10) if found worthy we will be used by Him to herald His return as well as glorify Him as Lord, God and Creator before the entire Universe on the very day He splits that eastern sky! MARANATHA!

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Man bleeds to death from stabbing while people record him on their phones

"A man stabbed several times bled to death while people recorded him on their phones instead of helping, it has been reported. Akbar Ali reportedly had two knives lodged inside his ribs and was bleeding heavily on the side of a road in Delhi while desperately asking passers-by for water, who apparently watched on but did not provide help. …He kept fighting till his last breath. He pulled out one knife from his rib, but could not take the other one out. He begged for help and they (the crowd) chose to make videos of my brother,” Najare Imam, the victim’s brother, told the Indian Express." –Source

Don't think for a minute that this is unique to India. Over the last few years alone I have shared the prophecy Jesus stated in Matthew 24:12 so many times I lost count. In fact, just this morning I came across four more articles about loved ones killing family members. As prophesied, more and more people no longer have that inborn love for their fellowman, next door neighbor, co-workers, classmates or even their very own family members in every nation on earth. And it's all happening because now that we are on the threshold of the return of Jesus Christ, all those that refuse to read their Bibles have become deceived into an unnatural loyalty to the dying god of this world and because Satan has nothing but abject hatred for all men who were created in the image of God, all those that following him reflect that very same hatred in the same way true Christians reflect the true love of Jesus Christ.

As a people living on a sin sick world we have seen every prophecy that was to come to fruition by now fulfilled right before our eyes. Yes, only those obedient to the Author of the Scripture that outlines the prophetic facts can see this clearly; but I have to say the most difficult of all these fulfillments has to be the one that Jesus predicted with absolute perfection and to the letter. He said in Matthew 24:12, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." And so it has!

Sinfulness is not only off the chart in society, it has become legalized in most nations including the USA. And since the end times began at the end of Daniel's 2300 year prophecy, everything from consumption of mind altering things like alcohol have become so normalized thanks to it being legalized long ago that those that come across the occasional obedient Christian that says it is sinful to drink, those imbibing look at you like you have two heads. They even ignore the historic fact as to why alcohol was called "spirits" not too long ago because of the obvious demonic influence upon the drunkard.

The God of creation is a God that never changes and so mankind can shout His obedient flock are prudes, old fashioned or just plain peculiar all they want. As a result they don't realize that too was prophesied! For it was declared long ago in Deuteronomy 26:18, "And the LORD hath avouched thee this day to be his peculiar people, as he hath promised thee, and that thou shouldest keep all his commandments;" And have you noticed lately? All the Christians today as well as every nonChristian religion teaches their flock it's ok to break God's law without a second thought. But were you also aware the Jews recently legalized breaking Sabbath in their nation and the Seventh Day Adventist church has been keeping Sunday holy in scores of their churches for many years. In fact, their Conference leaders recently declared in writing that keeping Sunday holy in an SDA church is "no big deal" which was all an SDA pastor needed to be able to open the church doors on Sunday.

And so it is as it was prophesied to be. Only a remnant of her seed (which the Bible says is not the SDA church) will remain faithful so as both declare present truth so as to ready a people for the coming of the Lord, but to also show that even in a disgusting end time society as this, there are a people who still love their fellowman enough to tell them the truth. Even on pain of death! And so as it is written brothers and sisters in the faith, "ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:" -1 Peter 2:9.

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