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Sick? ‘You’re seen as better off dead’

"A new documentary sheds light on the horrors families in Belgium are enduring after 15 years of legalized euthanasia, and those behind the film say it is meant as a warning to other nations not to follow this path and explain how euthanasia is not the ultimate act of autonomy as its proponents claim. …People are just giving up on life,” he told WND and Radio America. “Because euthanasia is an option, they are just saying, ‘I have cancer. I have early-stage Alzheimer’s or early-stage dementia.’ They ask for euthanasia and they qualify. …If you have any sort of sickness or disease that is considered somewhat serious, even if it’s in its earliest stages, you’re seen as better off dead,” Schadenberg said. “The cultural shift as occurred." –Source

This was bound to happen after a century or two of quacks being uplifted as doctors are real doctors became the quacks. What I mean is, natural medicine which is by far the best medicine on the planet and was used for 6000 years, is the only medicine that has case history after case history of people being healed of everything from AIDS to Cancer. But because the massively corrupt AMA has been able to get the recognition of the corrupted U.S. government which then made them filthy rich to where they can use their insane amounts of money to keep the politicians well paid, the people that contract curable diseases today are actually deciding on suicide because the liars in whitecoats CONvinced them they were dying when in fact they were not.

No, I am not a doctor and I cannot declare the proper healing methods via the natural realm, but there are thousands of real doctors who can. For example, have you ever heard of a doctor named Hoxsey? Read this article on him wherein the US Government helped the growing AMA at the time attack this man in numerous courtrooms over and over again claiming he was a quack that was giving people the AMA declared incurable false hope of being cured. Yet Hoxsey won lawsuit after lawsuit in each courtroom proving he was actually curing the people the AMA deemed dying and he did so using what God gave us to heal ourselves with!

They sued this man so many times (and lost of course) that the last time they went to sue him he just decided to close up shop and move his practice to Mexico so as to escape the constant barrage of AMA and US Government harassment. They literally did all they could to shut this man down in the USA because he was proving daily that the AMA was lying about all sorts of incurable diseases! And he was curing the people PERMANENTLY at a fraction of the cost! That was the main reason the AMA wanted him out of here. He not only proved their prices were a scam, the fact they never cured anyone showed they only wanted to cultivate customers. In other words.. the AMA knows if they cure you, they will lose a customer. That's why I said what I did a few decades ago that when someone asked me to donate to cancer research that I believed it was a scam. I told everyone within earshot that the they weren't using the funds to find a cure for cancer. They were using the money the find a way to slow the cancer so as to let you live as a customer WITH cancer in the same way they did with Insulin. That way, their pills will keep you paying just like the diabetes patient has to that buy insulin every month even though natural methods that the AMA calls quackery have been proven to heal diabetes within 4 days!

Also see this video about the truth behind the AMA's so called oath they take to this day. Most AMA doctors are actually breaking their own oath and many of them break the law in how they "treat" their patients. If you're sick and you watch this video you will definitely get upset! Especially when he shows you how they recently changed the Hippocratic Oath of the modern day American Doctors. You are now a CUSTOMER to them, nothing more, nothing less!

Again.. I am not a doctor. (-required government approved disclaimer spewage-) And no, not all doctors in the AMA are corrupt. Take the advances in surgical procedures that literally help people! Or even transplantation methods for that matter. Some of the doctors are gifted! But when it comes to internal drug administration and the multi-trillian dollar profits to be made, it's obvious how the American people have become the guinea pigs. And yes, this was all prophesied! See my "Big Pharma and Rome" page when you get time.


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FYI: School district tries ‘homeschooling illegal’ ploy

"Parents who homeschool their children in California’s San Benito Unified School District recently informing them they were breaking the law. According to the Home School Legal Defense Association, the world’s largest homeschool advocacy organization, the letter from the district claimed, “Under California law, a home school is not a private school, nor is it a lawful alternative to public school.” However, it was eight years ago when a senior level court in the state concluded that state law permits homeschooling “as a species of private education.” That ruling came in a case in which the court first ruled the other way and essentially ordered homeschoolers into a government-approved program. But when WND broke the story, a coalition of homeschool interests joined to ask for the judges to reconsider, which they did. Of the latest ploy from the San Benito district, the HSDLA said, “We cannot understand or explain how a school district today, so many years after the Jonathan L. case, could still be sending official correspondence that is so clearly wrong." –Source

I can understand why they do that! The government is so corrupt that they literally look the other way when their employees in the Public School system commit federal crimes knowing that they do so for the sole reason to make money off the unknowing and financially strained taxpayer as well as the condoning United States Government. Both the taxpayer and the government get scammed out of the money. The taxpayer of course has no recourse by law nor will they ever get the money back, and the Government itself could care less in that it's a mere pittance compared to other illegal programs running amuck in the system.

I was a witness to it all!

That's right! A little over 20 years ago I had a corrupt local government official from the Public School system approach me one day. This was a few years after my wife and I removed our children from the demonic school system in the Chicago area, and only a year or so after we moved away from the city to the farmland. One day a woman claiming to have the power to do so demanded I let her enter my home to assure we were teaching our children properly. I refused her entry and said I need some time to make sure all the laws are adhered to so as to prevent an issue for me and my family. I said this because I discerned she was lying to me as I had some info already on the Schools system in my then present State. She said she would call me the next morning and I said, good.. that will give me all the time I need.

Being one that was very familiar with using phones as I used to own a telemarketing company, I grabbed the phone and got to work. Granted I had to hustle a bit because this was before we had Internet and it was getting close to the end of the business day in my area. And being way out in the country and far from any big city library, I was at a loss for the means by which to investigate her claims thoroughly. Still, the Lord blessed me with the information I needed as well as the actual laws and their official titles via the telephone as I made a ton of calls in and out of the State to numerous governing offices and the like. Praise the Lord for time zone differences as that gave me more time to look into all this after 5:00pm. 

What happened?

The next day she called bright and early; but because I was up so late compiling all my data, she got me when I just awoke out of a sound sleep and so I was unable to gather my thoughts as well as all the data I complied. I was planning to share with her how she was actually breaking more than one law by her demands. But it was obvious the Lord wasn't going to allow me to do that. Suffice it to say, all I could muster to say to her was, "Mam, why are you lying to me? I looked into the laws of our State and found I do not have to grant you access to my home. It is clearly a voluntary action on my part and choose not to volunteer." Before I could continue with my plans of reading her the riot act, she hung up the phone and I never heard from her again.

What bothered me most of all in this was the farmers I came to know as friends in the area. When I told them what happened that day they got very upset because that same woman lied to them years before I moved to the area. They too homeschooled their children and even though they did so legally and properly, that woman claimed they were in violation and scared them with fines and even the police who would take their children if they refused to place their children into the local schools wherein their faith and morals were eventually destroyed by the schools within a few short years.

In short: DO YOU RESEARCH! The government workers will lie to you and even threaten you so as to make a few bucks off of you as well as have access to your children so as to brainwash them to further destroy society in the long run. Check the laws in your State and make sure the local school official is being honest with you. Presently homeschooling is legal in all 50 States. Some States do have some strange minuscule stipulations that need to be adhered to, but most do not. In any event, do you research! 

I never dropped a dime on that woman as was my legal right to do so, and I am sure she would have been fired as well as prosecuted. But I chose not to because the Lord is much better at such things than man is. I prayed and asked the Lord to shake her up a bit to get her out of that business and away from my loved ones and neighbors. The way she feared the truth as I shared it on the phone that morning and then ran off so quickly never to be heard from again confirmed in my heart that my prayer was immediately answered. I only hope she went a bit further and repented to become a future sister in the family of Christ.

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Salon: GOP Must Dump Jesus or Risk Irrelevance in ‘Post-Christian America’

"Salon Magazine has accused the Republican Party of being out of touch with “post-Christian America,” warning the GOP that if it doesn’t renege on its alliance with Christianity, it will soon become irrelevant. Ted Cruz’s failure to get the GOP nomination, Matthew Sheffield proclaims in Salon, “is a perfect window into trends that will set the pace of American politics for decades to come: Americans are moving away from Christianity, including people most likely to vote Republican." –Source

So, according to Salon Magazine, the United States is no longer a Christian nation simply because Ted Cruz, a man claiming to be a born again Christian, (like GW Bush who pulled off the false flag attack on 911) wasn't able to gain the Republican nomination to run for President? Seriously? Is that all it takes to confirm "God is dead" in America?

What Salon and just about every 'Christian' in America keeps forgetting is that anyone can claim to be a Christian when in actuality they are anything but. The doctrinal stand of Cruz's religion confirms hands down that they do not believe in the Bible's description of true Christianity. Truth is, as prophesied, most people in this nation have no idea what real Christianity is. But even there it doesn't mean God is dead. After all, He's the one that said in Luke 18:8, "..Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?"

The fact most think God is dead confirms He is very much alive. What I mean by that is, He said 2000 years ago that the majority would lose their faith in Him right before He returns. Since most relish the lie over the truth today, as far as the writers at Salon magazine are concerned; God is dead. But then we all know how short lived a lie can be when in the created Universe we have a God wherein His truth is eternal. The truth always, 100% of the time wins out no matter how much the lie is repeated. And when that Eastern sky splits, the hardened scoffer himself will admit that to his own heart deep within as he (or she) breathes his last.

One can see this to be a global movement of Rome now hands down. How so? Just the other day I posted  an article that said the jihadists have won in France because Christianity is dead when in fact the opposite was true there as well. It's amazing to see how every time the Lord starts to move His people towards a resurgence of faith due to their crying out in true repentance, the dying god of this world moves his minions in Rome to declare God is dead. Satan will lie every time his lips move and so when the truth is a threat the lie becomes the message. And since most follow Satan, his message spreads fast. And no, I am not suggesting a coast to coast revival wherein all churches repent. No, my Bible says those churches will empty as per Revelation 18:1-5 command. Nice thing is, prophecy also predicts our message will go global and bring many souls out of the fallen churches and into the arms of Christ. And right after the plagues begin, the number of overcomers left standing will be 144,000 in number. But that's all that's needed when it comes to how our God will be glorified before billions. Yes, billions will be against those of us in that number that day, but like their spiritual forefather Goliath saw, they too will be destroyed by our God. For it is also written in Psalms 119:126, "It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law." The Gideon band won't even have to lift a hand other than to raise it in prayer and praise onto the every living God who has come to take us home. And as we stand there "it shall be said in that day, Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him, and he will save us: this is the LORD; we have waited for him, we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation." Isaiah 25:9.

Truth is, the GOP has already dumped Jesus long ago. Just as we saw the many evils in the democratic party with every election they won over the years, we have seen the exact same evils in the republican party throughout the decades. The only reason Salon wants Jesus dumped now is because they cringe at every mention of His name. Like any other Atheistic heart on earth, they will do all they can to garner as many souls into their misery hoping that if they get enough people to agree with them that God is dead, they will somehow vindicate their stance and remove their guilt and finally find peace. Not happening! No Jesus means peace. You need to know Jesus to know peace.

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