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Obama spends $4 million to hype global-warming alarm

"President Obama traveled late last year to Paris for an international conference so he could hype alarm over global warming. He suggested at the time such an event was a “fitting response to the terrorist attacks that cost the lives of 130 people in and around Paris on Nov. 13,” the New York Times reported. That’s even though the campaign against global warming has morphed into a campaign against “climate change” because there isn’t any more warming, and a new movie charges the entire effort is a “hustle” to redistribute the free world’s wealth. The message Obama delivered cost American taxpayers more than $4 million." –Source

Yes, we know global warming is a farce, in fact I have hundreds of articles and videos exposing it's not only a farce, it's also as this article says regarding redistribution of wealth; which I also cover on my "Vatican's Socialist Agenda" page wherein redistribution of wealth is par for the course when it comes to building on the Vatican's socialist plans which are needed to enforce their long prophesied mark. But the main reason I am posting this article of Obama pushing the global warming, aptly renamed "climate change" because their lie about "warming" was proven to be a lie by over 31,487 American Scientists of which 9,029 have PhDs, but the main reason for the post is to highlight who it is Rome chose to broadcast their strange lies far and wide. They chose Obama, a man infamous for lying. And yes, Rome invented global warming decades ago. See this video wherein I show they used Al Gore to trailblaze the concept to any and all that would listen so as to have a reason to gather everyone on earth under one assumption.

As we know, the  mark is to be enforced globally. Problem is, even if you have a one world government, which by the way was prophesied and is already on paper and headed towards reality as we speak; unless you have some sort of reason to get everyone on earth involved, you will never be able to enforce it no matter how charismatic the global lead is. Like Ronald Reagan, a very good friend of Rome hinted during his administration, if we all had a common enemy that threatened the lives of us all, we would all see the need to work together. He of course used the UFO agenda of Rome as his jumping off point, but the concept was heard worldwide because Reagan was a popular voice that Rome could use to get many to listen. (Check out 28 seconds of Reagan's actual UN speech on video here)

Rome was unable (so far) to get the technology to create a believable alien invasion realized as of yet and so their next best idea was to use some fabricated lie that can be made somewhat believable and so global warming was it. Problem is, they messed up on their 50-0 chance at guessing the state of the planet and instead of warming, it's actually cooling and so they changed the name to "climate change" to save face. This fabricated lie did work and nearly every nation on earth agreed to help Rome push this agenda in every nation around the world last April.

Obama's lies:

Now I don't want to list all the lies I found of Obama here because some sites have over 300 listed. But I do want to list at least the top ten or so, which are as follows. He never removed Bush's unconstitutional 'indefinite detention of US citizens without charges as promised. Instead he signed it into law and now any American can be held in jail without charges indefinitely. He had 4 US citizens killed without due process of law. He lied about saying we can keep our healthcare plans. He lied about the death panels that are written into Obamacare. He lied about the cost of Obamacare going down instead of way up as it has. He lied ten times about waiting 5 days to sign Bills into Law. He lied about cutting the deficit in half before the end of his first term. He actually added more to our debt than the previous 43 presidents COMBINED! He lied numerous times about being against homosexual marriage. He lied repeatedly about the economy being much better during his administration when realty says quite the opposite. He (and Hillary) lied about the reason  for the attack in Benghazi. He lied about regulations costs. They were actually 20 times more than he claimed. And just to throw the cherry on top, yes he also lied about being born in Hawaii. Even his wife said on camera that he was born in Kenya!

Again, I am not exposing Obama because he's a Democrat. Truth is, I shared some facts about Trump's associating with Muslims the other day as well. My point is showing all the documented facts regarding the lies this man has spoken, and I can literally go on for well over an hour listing the 300+ lies I found online from linked sources; but I am running late today and simply had to stop. My point in all this is; the man is not only a liar, he appears to relish lying as some relish the truth. For someone to lie as much as he does confirms he is a very dangerous man who cannot be trusted on any level to tell the truth. But then most already know this seeing how we're all on the tail end of his administration. Plus, and just so you know, there were many lies documented on and offline that were of a trivial nature listed all over the place as well. That alone shows he is actually a diagnosed pathological liar. And no, that is not sarcasm either. That is actually considered a proper medical condition in that it even has a list of symptoms that he displays. (I was shocked to find that out)

That all being said, students of prophecy that are honest with themselves and the historic facts presented know that it was Rome that spearheaded the global warming aka climate change agenda so as to enforce her mark. Seeing how the Vatican is owned and operated by Satanists. And no, that is not a sarcasm either. They have been caught red-handed. Literally! And since the prelates in Rome worship Satan, they would naturally have to hire a man that speaks their dying god's native tongue as an obedient and loyal act to that dying god. And for the last 7+ years, that man has been Barack Hussein Obama; the current standing president of the second beast mentioned in the prophetic Word of our ever living God.

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Bernie Sanders Leaves the Democratic Party

"The nomination was barely sealed up at the Democratic National Convention before Bernie Sanders, who had campaigned against Hillary Clinton for the party’s nod, went back to being an Independent. …And now, despite pleading with his base to support Hillary, even though they’re concerned that she’s too moderate, Sanders will return to Vermont and to his seat in the Senate, and he’ll do it with no official party affiliation." –Source

So, why did I choose to post this? No, it's not a political statement wherein I will promote one party over the next. If you have been a long term subscriber you would know I support no party in the USA. I am only concerned with the eternal city of New Jerusalem and it's ever living God. So, with that said, and to further answer the question, have you seen my Vatican Socialist Agenda page recently? I have nearly 200 articles that for the most part were published during Jesuit Pope Francis' pontificate, which was as we all know directly after the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI who was and still is a firm believer in the Socialist format for a New World Order (NWO), as was John Paul II. All the quotes and facts related to that and more are posted on Vatican Socialist Agenda page. But notice this.. I only came across 4 articles from Benedict and John Paul over the years that openly declared the Socialist format a good one. I even have one wherein Ratzinger, aka Benedict XVI stated "The 'absolute good' (and this means building a just socialist society) becomes the moral norm that justifies everything else, including–if necessary–violence, homicide, mendacity." Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger ~  US News & World Report, Dec 2, 1985 (click here for photocopy of quote)

Still, even with all these strange statements from John Paul II and Benedicts XVI it doesn't compare at all with the statements from the current Pope as well as supporters of same. Since Francis took office I found (to date) nearly 200 articles, quotes and videos wherein he pushes every aspect of Socialism as the "absolute good" as Ratzinger put it!

So.. what does this have to do with Bernie?

It's as everyone has been documenting regarding his many pro-socialist comments; the man is not a Democrat or a Republican. Truth is, he's not an American. But then neither was Obama. Sanders only ran on the Democratic ticket for a while because as we saw with Clinton and now overwhelmingly so with Obama, the Democrats are as close to Socialists as you can get without claiming the Socialist title outright. As Bernie Sanders once said, "In Vermont, everybody knows that I am a socialist.." He admitted that in a speech at the National Committee for Independent Political Action in New York City on June 22, 1989. (See the previous link for more info)

Many have said for years that Bernie was only using the Democratic name as a way to get his foot in the door so as to introduce a hardened Socialist format once in power and I agree that to be the case. The fact he also said he looks at the Democratic party with a "small 'd'" confirms this hands down. He said that back in 1986 in the magazine "Vermont Affairs." Seeing how he admits to being a Socialist and seeing how he wanted to use the "small 'd'" Democratic party to gain office, I can't help coming to the conclusion that it was Rome's way of pushing the envelope towards a Socialist format. The fact he just dumped his 'so called' party the very second he lost the nomination shows he was never loyal to it at all. But then, how can anyone be loyal to either party seeing how it's all corrupted across the board.

Students of prophecy know Rome needs Socialism to be the norm in their NWO so as to have an easy way at enforcing their mark. This is why the Democrats since Lyndon Johnson (directly after JFK was assassinated) were moving towards a Socialist format in America. But even though it is obvious this is the case in the United States, and especially so with Dictator Obama, it appears Rome is a bit impatient. Had Bernie been the nominee he would have walked into the Oval Office as a Socialist claiming to be a "small 'd'" Democrat just as Obama walked into the office as a Muslim foreigner claiming to be an American Christian. And then as we saw with Obama, Rome would have taken it from there.

Yes, it's childishly easy for Rome to manipulate both parties, but to have one bending over backwards to do their bidding and then to have one who is an open and obvious Socialist to gain such support was something Rome was literally drooling after. So.. now.. since the fix was in to push Hillary forward, we presently have a Vermont Senator who everyone knows is an admitted Socialist sitting in his seat "legally" as an independent Socialist in the United States of America. That all being said, one can expect this isn't the last time we'll be hearing from Bernie. Worse yet, having his seat well-grounded means he can do even more damage to our nation behind closed doors now as Socialist than ever before. After all was said and done the last few months on camera, Rome no doubt sees a loyal man in Bernie Sanders. Having him 'under the radar' and behind closed doors is something they deem very attractive to say the least! In short.. Christian prophecy will be fulfilled!

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Many stores honoring parents’ requests for ‘gender-neutral’ kids’ clothing

"Pink for girls. Truck motifs for boys. A growing number of parents want to get outside those parameters when it comes to dressing their kids. Kristin Higgins was adamant about not pushing "girly" stereotypes on her daughter, and painted her room in shades of green. Higgins later dressed her up in superhero costumes. But as her daughter got older, it took more work to locate items that broke the mold. For "Star Wars"-themed pajamas, she had to go to the boys' section. "It's hard to find gender-neutral clothing," said Higgins, 35, of Little Rock, whose daughter is now 6. "I want her to just get up and put on the clothing without thinking of putting on a costume, an identity." –Source

If this article came out twenty years ago I am sure it would be somewhat believable wherein they claim "parents requested" the clothing be gender-neutral. No, I am not saying the parents would ever request that at all 20 years ago. The CEO's demand it under Vatican orders placed before them in 1999, and so they will make the claim the parents are demanding all this. Basic reality here is, it's the year 2016 wherein the Obama administrations homosexual push also under direct orders from Rome has been on the offensive at least 4 years now. And especially so after Obama gained his second term wherein certain acts done in a first term could lead to political suicide.

In short, I don't buy this for a minute! First and foremost I don't see a lot of parents suggesting any of this in a way the stores would be forced to comply. Historic fact is, these stores, who's CEO's had the infamous meeting with the Pope back in June of 1999 are only doing the Pope outlined years ago. That means the claim "the parents suggested" this is a bold faced lie. After all.. I'm a parent, and I have many children that are parents and I know many parents in and outside the church and in all those people one would think ONE would be ok with all this so as to shore up to odds that parents 'might' have suggested any of this and nope.. that's not how reality works.

As I've been saying for decades, Rome's homosexual agenda will not be dropped on the American people in one fell swoop any more than a possessed person like Marilyn Manson would start the Rock & Roll movement in the 1950's. They had to use a cutesy momma's boy that claimed to sign Gospel songs to introduce the decadence. And introduce it he did! Mind control on such a grand scale has to be done in stages just as much as the orchestrated watering down of Christianity via the churches and Hollywood was performed in America's infancy. This is why I've been sharing what I believe to be the same old outline towards that end for years.

First they had to normalize homosexuality; then they had to normalize polygamy, next they had to normalize all sorts of perversions from transgenderism to bestiality and then the final prize they have worked for all along can be normalized and that is of course Rome's prophesied perversion, homosexuality and pedophilia. But to demand the children be introduced to immorality at a young age on day one, no that won't work because the people will cry out. But if you already have a massive group of perverted activists out there introducing such things as cross dressing for children in the stores, then you won't find much opposition.

Now don't get me wrong. I know for a fact some Christians will speak out against this idea of cross dressing children that the activists claim is a "request by parents" so as to indoctrinate the children towards this spiritually lethal perversion. I know they speak out because I do. But, our voices are for the most part ignored (and censored) because unlike the preachertainers that teach churchianity who have millions of dollars and all sorts of political friends in DC, we the remnant people don't have (nor want) the worldly connections they do and so again, we aren't heard by most. Worse yet, even if some in our ranks did have the chance to speak out, how quickly do you think that voice would be silenced after a few dozen activists start shouting "discrimination" claims against them? That by the way is the main reason the preachers of filthy lucre never speak out. They know the activist is out there and they know their paycheck will be lowered and even wiped out if they do as they should, and so it gets worse and worse with each passing day. In other words.. welcome to the long prophesied end of days.

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